Septic Systems


Are you currently experiencing septic tank problems?

One way to find out for sure is to hire a skilled sewer technician to investigate and determine if that’s what you need. If you’ve been suffering from frequent signs of septic tank problems, you’re not alone. One major sign of septic problems is when you discover sogginess and dampness in your yard. It is usually accompanied by a lingering bad odor. There is one thing you can count on, small septic tank problems can develop into more serious problems. Septic tank problems often require a composite of expensive repairs. So, the sooner you hire a professional to rectify your sewer and septic problem the better. ​

We suggest using Rootx to minimize root growth in the spring and fall.

Sewer  and drain cleaning
Are you currently experiencing slow drains or gurgling or bubbling? One sure way to find out is to call us at Powers Septic & Sewer Inc. We can sewer cam your line to inspect for root intrusion, grease build up, a pipe defect, or any other blockage. A sewer cam is an excellent way to avoid unnecessary digging and damage to your property.

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